Hydrocarbon Cannabis Extractions

Years of experience working with cannabis extractions. We experiment with different ratios of up to three types of gases. Along with extracting at a wide range of temperatures. We do this to gain control of the finished product and extract out only what we are looking for.

Edibles made from unsprayed cannabis

Our edible products are always made by sourcing the highest quality ingredients available.

Contract services

We are able offer cannabis extract services to Arizona dispensaries.

products and services

Butane Honey Oil ( BHO )

Our Butane Honey Oil ( BHO ) starts at the farm we control every thing down the nutrients used to ensure we only extract the plants oil. We only put our name on products made with cannabis that was grown by us to ensure patients never ingest pesticides or fungicides.

Solventless Extracts, Dry Sift, Dry Ice, and Water Extract

Cannabis concentrates made by not using hydrocarbons. We technics such as trichomes head collection using correct sized screenings. We also use cold water and dry ice extractions that are full melt.

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Cooking services

We also offer our cook for you services. Our certified and licensed chef’s will come to your house and prepare your medicated food in the comfort of your own home.

Propane Honey Oil ( PHO )

Propane is earning praise as a premium solvent for extraction, where butane formerly reigned supreme. Don’t be fooled – this is not BBQ propane, but chemically pure, medical grade propane. From its creamy whip to its buttery crumble, propane hash oil boasts a bold terpene profile. Its easy-to-handle texture makes PHO a versatile medicine for many types of smoking and vaporizing components.

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Spectrum brand Organic Oils infused with fresh unsprayed Cannabis

Spectrum brand organic coconut and olive oils infused with cannabis. We start with the freshest unsprayed cannabis that is grown in house. To insure quality control we never outsource our cannabis insuring the plants have never been sprayed with pesticides or fungicides.

Posted Macaroons

Coconut macaroons made from Unsprayed Dry sift cannabis extract organic shredded coconut, organic eggs, Organic vanilla, pink Himalayan salt, and honey from Flagstaff, AZ.

Cannabis infused skin repair cream

Our cannabis infused skin repair cream is made with Spectrum brand Organic olive oil infused with cannabis, Spectrum brand Organic coconut oil infused with cannabis, and local Arizona Beeswax.


Our FYR PEN’s are of the highest quality filled with 500mg of Hydrocarbon Cannabis extract. You get around 125-150 puffs on the FYR PEN. First time FYR PEN purchasers get the cartridge, battery, and charger for $50 retail $45 for refills.

Full Body Application's ( FBA's ) cannabis oil anti cancer spray

Full Body Application’s ( FBA’s ) are very therapeutic for the largest organ on the body our skin. Increase circulation, heal faster, end stretch marks, and look younger.